About us

CTHA ( Cherry Tree Housing Association ) was formed in November 1975. The original purpose of CTHA was to provide accommodation for patients who were being discharged from Napsbury Psychiatric Hospital, in Hertfordshire.

CTHA is a not for profit landlord registered with the Regulator of Social Housing, and is an exempt charity.


CTHA provides self contained flats and houses with shared facilities in south Hertfordshire and the LB of Barnet.

For several years, CTHA also managed 2 care homes, registered with the Care Quality Commission, in St. Albans, but CTHA has not been a provider of care since Spring 2018.  

CTHA Today

CTHA has undergone a process of transformation since early 2016. CTHA is using its asset base to fund the development of new homes for single people, couples, and families, on a variety of tenures. CTHA’s targeted area for growth and development is across Hertfordshire, working with our District Council partners to deliver good quality affordable homes for local people.

CTHA as a landlord

CTHA is committed to the highest standards in housing management. Reflecting the performance  CTHA has achieved since 2016, in 2018 CTHA was placed at position 39 in the list of the Top 50 Landlords In The UK.  

CTHA is exploring new ways to engage with and seek feedback from all the users of its services, and this will be an ongoing process.


CTHA as a provider of 'Supported Living Services and Care'

Where individual contracts are in place, we also provide support to assist people to live independently. We have a small and experienced support staff team, who can provide support on a peripatetic basis.

Supported Living